Sea Gull Library #01 (Issue #02 pg 16)

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In Held Up #02 I mentioned a possible web comic dealing with Sallisaw, OK:

16: In 2004 I drove from Oregon to New York, by way of New Orleans with the girl I was seeing at the time (lets call her K). We had made a similar drive, in reverse, the previous year. The copy of Romance of the Rabbit (the original English translation of Le Roman du Lievre) that inspired this entire project was in the trunk of my car for both trips (it was lost almost immediately after the drives completion). We camped right outside Sallisaw, OK on our way east. It was there that we first suspected she might be pregnant. An event that shaped much of who I am today. I initially intended to include a fictional episode based on this experience in this issue right where these notes are, but couldn’t make it work. If and when I do finish this episode I will include it on the blog and in the collected version of Book One.

Here it is:

sea gull 1I chose not to include much text/dialog in the story because I have found that my memory has become somewhat one sided. I can remember my feelings, some of what I said and did, but I cannot pretend to put myself in K's shoes.

After this scene K and I drove to New Orleans where she took a pregnancy test. She was in fact pregnant. We stayed one night in a motel and then I put her on an airplane back to the west coast. I drove nonstop from the airport to Queens, NY in a state of shock. On the drive I listened to the entirety of 'The Grapes Of Wrath" on tape, read aloud by Gary Sinise. I think the Joads were from near Sallisaw.