Held Up #01 Notes

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Like most fiction, Held Up draws much of its content from real life. In this case, almost as a rule, this content is related to the Le Roman du Lievre: Marginalia exhibition and those personal and cooperative endeavors surrounding it. In each issue’s notes section I will point out many of the references and quotations made. Though not detailed below, It can be assumed that the characters, places and events making up each issue are also linked to Le Roman du Lievre. Inside-Cover: An advertisement taken from the inside-cover of Kid Eternity 6 (1947). As far as I know this is the only other comic in which Wiley Post makes an appearance. His single panel appearance is below.

wiley kid eternity

1,3,4: These 3 pages are based on Dore’s illustrations of The Fables of La Fontaine. As are the sheep on pages 12 and 13.

3-6: The letters on these pages spell out AMID, the first word of Le Roman du Lievre. “Amid the thyme and the dew of Jean de la Fontain...”

3: The text preceding the story of Rogers and Post paraphrases the introduction to Documents of Contemporary Art: The Archive, edited by Charles Merewether (2006).

13: “He became brother...” quoted from the first chapter of Le Roman du Lievre.

15:  Lyrics from This Land is Your Land by Woody Guthrie.

19, 20: “Sister Anne…” Quoted from Blue Beard by Charles Perrault. Also quoted in Le Roman du Lievre chapter one.

20,21: The blindfold fabric pattern is based on a blindfold used at the first Uno De Mayo piñata-smashing event at MTS Gallery in Anchorage, AK. Artist Anick Gosselin from Quebec, CA attended the event, and used this fabric to cover her hand bound copy of Le Roman du Lievre for the Marginalia Exhibit.

22. “When is a hare not a hare?” taken from a blog post by Marisa Favretto preceding the Marginalia exhibit at MTS Gallery in Anchorage, AK. This post was also printed in Marginalia: Appendix G.

Back Cover: The original drawing for the third panel of page 11. Can you guess why I redrew it?

key hup 1