But where I was really going with this was that...

MarginaliaJimmy RiordanComment

6 ...one of the books that I was reading this winter, just side by side with Le Roman Du Lievre was a proper new age book that really freaked my square. It really did, I just got sucked into another dimension as I read it. It is called "Path of Empowerment; Pleidian Wisdom for a world in Chaos" and was written by this woman who has been channeling for these multidimensional beings since 1988. They, the Pleidians are beneficent beings that have come to inform us about a very accelerated energy that is currently affecting our world. From 1988 through 2012, we are experience an increase in energy thousands times what has come before. With an awareness of this, we can harness that energy to serve the evolution of humanity and heal and exist on multiple planes of reality simultaneously, but if we don't change our patterns, the effects will be that much worse. This was the first New Age book I have ever read. I made copius notes too. I found it compelling, useful and slightly repellent.  The author is not writing, but simply channeling this message from this multidimensional beings. In a sense one of the distinguishing features of Saint Francis was that he could communicate with non-human beings. He opened up a channel within himself where he could speak with birds and wolves. I guess the difference is is that those creatures are of this planet and Pleidians are from another planet. But is a saint still of this planet? When we conceive of higher consciousness does that look like verticality? We say that heaven is in the sky. Really? Or is this our best conceptual framework for states of expanded awareness? What makes someone able to be a channel for God or Pleidians or animals or art?


-Anna Raupp