In the thyme and the dew of Jean De La Fontain...

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Thyme and Hare Liver Pâté:

2 or 3 hare livers

Butter (equal in weight to liver.)

¼ to ½ of an onion (depending on size of livers.)

½ tablespoon thyme

Pinch of salt and pepper (or to taste.)

Melt butter. Add thyme, salt and pepper to butter and let simmer. Dice onion and place in a Pirex or stainless steel bowl with livers. Place bowl into a pot of boiling water, making sure that the water level does not rise too high, overflowing into the bowl. Once the livers are cooked all the way through (the amount of time this may take depends upon the sizes of each liver, but should not be much more than 15min) combine with melted butter and thyme. Blend together, pour into container or mold, and cool.