The Lotus Feet of Francis- Anna Raupp

MarginaliaJimmy RiordanComment

There is an idea that by attaching yourself to the lotus feet of a saint or to God, you can be ferried across this worldly experience. The saint's vibration is so holy, that even by touching the dust from their feet, you can be blessed or your destiny can be rewritten. There are three feet featured here. The white statue with long toes is a version of Saint Francis outside of the Main Basilica in Santa Fe. The darker statue I encountered when I trekked up to Taos New Mexico. It was a part of a small village where the main church was made out of adobe and was built by a Franciscan Friar in the seventeen hundreds. The gold shoes I bought at a thrift store in Espanola called Saint Francis de Paws. They gave all of their proceeds to the local animal shelter. These shoes I bought specially to attend a Sikh Gurdwara in Espanola.