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Intended to serve as a record of Francis Jammes' Turn of the century novel Le Roman Du Lievre, specifically in its relation to the practice of artist James Riordan, this website contains historical information regarding a variety of interrelated subjects, documentation of some of Riordan's artist books and performances, along with a log of any progress made towards the group exhibition Le Roman Du Lievre: Marginalia, and Riordan's eventual completion of his translation. Any individual interested in contributing to this website, be they involved in the aforementioned project or not, are encouraged to do so.

It should be noted that this website contains the full text of Francis Jammes' Le Roman Du Lievre in its original French along with Riordan's English translation. A copy of Glady Edgerton's 1920 translation, Romance of the Rabbit can be found at the Project Gutenberg website.

Excluding the 1902 Le Roman Du Lievre text, all works on this website are copyright James Riordan, unless otherwise noted.